Organic Dry Fruits

In our organic range, you can find a wide range of dry fruits! Whether pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts or pine nuts, you can even choose the form: natural, shelled, chopped, powdered, slivered, blanched or in paste form. All your needs are now combined in one range!

About us

For more than 10 years now, Premium Trading has been able to find its place in the import market. As a specialist in the food trade, our company listens to the world around it and is increasingly interested in organic products in order to meet consumer’s expectations in an ideal way. We select our products with care, with the aim of improving the productivity of our customers: wholesalers, cash and carries, central purchasing offices and food industry manufacturers.


ORGANIC & Quality

Knowing the ambitious future of organic food, we have developed a range of 100% organic and certified products in response to consumer’s concerns about responsible eating. With a focus on quality, Premium Trading works with carefully selected farmers and suppliers to ensure that our products are always of the highest quality.

Organic dried fruits

Renowned for their nutritional value, dried fruits such as dried raisins, dates, barberries and figs have become indispensable in many desserts, pastries and even dishes. The quality of these fruits is well known and thanks to their natural taste, they will make the difference in any recipe!


    Organic Dates

    Juicy, tender and sweet, the organic Mazafati date is a variety of date that comes from the south of Iran. Also known as the “Bam date”, it is harvested while still soft on the tree and before being completely dried. Moreover, its benefits are well known, so don’t hesitate any longer!

    Organic Oil

    Made only from healthy fruit harvested at the right time of ripeness and organically grown, oil has become an indispensable everyday food. In the kitchen, it is the right choice for cooking food, as a fat for preparations, or simply for making generous salads. Come and discover all its benefits!

    Organic Raisins

    With its excellent source of vitamins and fibre, organic raisins have become an ally in many preparations ! Moreover, its soft texture and sweet taste will allow raisins to find their place from starter to dessert.